Bankruptcy Navigator Index 3.0

The predictive power to guide your consumer lending strategy in the right direction


Minimize risk, maximize rewards.

Business Confirm

Gain a more comprehensive view of customer portfolios with one source for business entity verification plus credit risk and marketing data.


Identify fraud before it negatively impacts your business.

Commercial Data Attribute Service

Data Attribute Service takes adjudication to the next level

Commercial Delinquency Score

Easily assess delinquency potential of your commercial accounts.

Commercial Risk Scores and Indicators

For better business credit decisions, start with better information

Compliance Centre

Compliance Centre is a streamlined technology solution that automates new hire onboarding. The solution provides process automation, notifications to employees, and management reporting. The web-based portal promotes consistency; helps manage new hire compliance and improve the overall new hire experience, with guidance through your customized forms.

Compliance Data Centre (CDC)

Facilitate compliance, minimize risk and reduce losses with solutions from Compliance Data Centre.

Data Attribute Service

Enhance your analytics engine with powerful individual customer attributes. Improved data modeling,sharper prediction tools.

Deceased ID

The first step in your existence verification process.


The reliable, real-time, online identity verification process.

eID Device Check

A real-time check of the devices doing online business with you.


Secure, knowledge based authentication for online transactions.

Equifax AgePoint

With AgePoint you can confidently take advantage of all the opportunity that the Internet offers you.

Equifax Business Credit Report

Improve the speed and accuracy of your risk decisions

Equifax CrediRisk

Assess the credit risks of your existing and prospective customers within seconds.

Equifax Link

Discover and securely service the hidden needs of your consumer customers who own small businesses

Equifax Risk Score

Better intelligence for better decisions.

Generic Online DAS

Digging through last month’s credit file to make a decision on today’s customer?

iDecision Ready

There’s an easier and faster way to make the right decision every time.

Industry Credit Group

A smarter way to manage financial risk


Consolidating the sources of your smartest decisions into a single, automated platform.

International Business Credit Report

Protect your business with comprehensive checks on the financial status of internationally based suppliers and customers.

Investigative Reporting Services

Get the deeper insight you need to issue credit with confidence.

Mortgage Insights

Gain greater intelligence of the mortgage marketplace.

Online Gold Portfolio Management

Efficiently manage key business activities that will help you decrease losses and improve your bottom line.

Online Triggers

Proactively monitor commercial accounts to minimize risk

Paperless Pay

Liberate Your Payroll Department, Empower Employees

Payment Dimensions Plus

Trended Data Powers Payment Dimensions Plus

Portfolio Insights

Get a better idea of whose grass is greener.

PPSA Connect

PPSA registration and management ‘perfected’.

Property Dimensions™

Powerful insights for lenders hit the mark


Quick and safe – the way e-commerce was meant to be


With credit card and application fraud getting harder to fight every day, you need the early warning protection only SafeScan can provide.

Score Complete

A score for everyone is the beginning of opportunity.

Score Statistical

The Risk Management Score to Evaluate a Dormant Portfolio

Tenant Selector

Screen potential Tenants quickly, easily and with confidence.

Unsecured Debt Services

Interconnected debt recovery tools and services to efficiently manage unsecured debt.