Driving AI Innovation

Equifax has been driving responsible Artificial Intelligence innovation for nearly a decade. We are committed to ensuring transparency and explainability in the use of AI and infuse our patented AI techniques into solutions designed to enable customers to get to insights faster — helping to create new consumer opportunities.

AI at Equifax

Maximizing AI Performance with the Equifax Cloud™

The Equifax Cloud enables solutions that are faster, more reliable, more powerful and more secure than ever before.

Patent Spotlight

We are driving AI innovation through patented AI technology and analytics.

1,000+ Equifax analytics professionals
Anticipating the evolving needs of customers and consumers around the world.

90+ approved patents**
supporting our approach to AI

The Equifax AI patent portfolio centers on the creation of models for use in financial decisioning and fraud prevention.

** Note: Number of patents as of February 2024

Maximizing AI Performance with the Equifax Cloud™

The Equifax Cloud was custom built to maintain and manage the large volume of diverse, proprietary datasets needed to maximize AI performance. Our vision for the Equifax Cloud is to expand the depth and predictiveness of our data to help our customers innovate faster and create more effective insights into the people and communities they serve.

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