AML Assist

Mitigate risk with a stronger Anti-Money Laundering compliance strategy

Product Overview

How much is your reputation worth? If your AML compliance strategy doesn’t fulfill the requirements under the amended FINTRAC Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) Anti-Terrorist Financing Act (PCMLTFA) regulations and guidelines, your business could be subject to criminal and monetary penalties as well as reputational risk.

Designed to align with FINTRAC’s intent and expectations, AML Assist empowers reporting entities in the following areas:


Implement your compliance strategies and address requirements with ease and greater flexibility for identity verification.

Actionable results

Gain insight to identify risks to take the needed action for compliance.

Reliable source

Get the separate and reliable sources you need to fulfill your identity verification obligations.


Obtain a unique ID to assist you with record-keeping requirements for audit purposes.

With AML Assist, you have the option to subscribe to a Single Source verification solution, Dual Source verification solution or an automated cascade from Single to Dual Source. Smart markers match logic results on the search criteria as well as other critical indicators.

Comprehensive and actionable, AML Assist helps you identify risks and fulfil your verification and reporting obligations.  

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