Bankruptcy Navigator Index 3.0

The predictive power to guide your consumer lending strategy in the right direction

Product Overview

Bankruptcy Navigator Index (BNI) 3.0 helps you lend money smartly, and profitably. You can now go beyond traditional risk assessments to uncover the financial red flags not so obvious at first glance.

BNI 3.0 analyzes behaviour common to customers in financial stress including; multiple credit card applications, increased line of credit use, and more. It then returns a score to predict the likelihood of bankruptcy over the next 12-24 months.  

With such in-depth insight, you can:

  • Make proactive decisions when considering new customers
  • Identify cross-selling opportunities
  • Manage accounts with greater control and knowledge
  • Minimize loss by prioritizing debt recovery efforts
  • Segment consumer profiles for efficient portfolio management

With BNI 3.0, get a head start when acquiring new customers, and optimize your strategies for profit and success.

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