Product Overview

Cash flows for small- to medium-sized enterprises do not always align to invoice terms.

What if there was something simple you could do to help ensure that your customers pay you on time?

Put more purchasing and payment power in the hands of the businesses that buy your products and solutions by adding a BillMarket link to your next invoice.

BillMarket, a collaboration between Equifax and Thinking Capital, establishes a real-time Small Business Grade tied directly to your buyers’ ability to access credit, or for your business to issue or extend credit.

When you include a BillMarket link on your invoice your customers can access available credit for up to 120 days, helping your business:

•      Improve your receivables by getting paid on time or even sooner

•      Increase sales by giving your buyers more purchasing power

•      Attract new customers who don’t have the up-front cash to buy supplies

•      Get more insight into the credit worthiness of your buyers on a real-time cash flow basis

BillMarket reimagines financing to work the way your business does.


Are you a small- to medium-sized business? Click here to learn more about BillMarket.

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