6 ways Equifax is investing in security to outsmart cybercriminals

Security Report
Security Report

Despite 2021 being the most disruptive year on record for global cybersecurity, Equifax expanded its security program even further – from automation that accelerates new product innovation to more robust digital supply chain security that protects our entire organization. We are committed to being a leader in security and to continuously raising the bar in order to out-smart, out-work, and out-innovate cybercriminals. 


35M+ Cyber threats defended against on average each day

370M+ Simulations to test our global workforce in security

1000M+ Deep-dive risk analyses conducted on digital supply chain partners

600+ Cybersecurity professionals protecting consumer data

50+ Forums participated in to tackle global cyber challenges

20+ Certifications and authorizations obtained outside auditors


Our Actions


1. Expanded our Cloud Security 

We enhanced our top-tier cloud security to include automated validation and monitoring. In 2021, we implemented more than 160 automated cloud security checks that are now monitored in real time. 


2. Fortified our Digital Supply Chain Security

We secured our digital supply chain with greater detail, speed, and innovation. In 2021, we conducted assessments on 100% of our company’s vendors as well as deep-dive risk analyses on more than 1,000 of our most critical digital supply chain partners.


3. Enhanced our Employee Training 

We further customized our employee security training program and fully automated the delivery of behavior-based learning to meet the needs of our global business. In 2021, our employee security awareness score reached a new record of 98 out of 100. 


4. Strengthened our Global Risk Posture 

We expanded our collection of specific security metrics to strengthen our global risk posture. In 2021, we achieved improved rates of 88% agent coverage, 88% logging coverage, 98% asset inventory completeness, 71% of applications enrolled in automatic code scanning, and 98% certificate lifecycle management, across our non-U.S. geographies. 


5. Advanced Cybersecurity Transparency 

We continued to engage with stakeholders around the world to advocate for stronger cybersecurity. In 2021, we participated in more than 50 forums to advance ideas and solutions to global cybersecurity challenges. 


6. Enabled Business Growth 

We helped our business drive more innovation, more securely. In 2021, we helped securely bring to market more than 150 new products for Equifax customers, launched a state-of-the-art FedRAMP security environment to support U.S. government customers in the cloud, and drove new business in areas like identity & fraud. 


View the Full 2021 Security Annual Report.



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