At Equifax We’re Building a World Beyond Yes and No

We are surrounded by noise. 

With the ever-present thrum of social media, the constant flow of global news, and uncertainty caused by a worldwide pandemic, climate change, and rising living costs. It can feel like a very unsettled ─ and unsettling ─ time.

Given this context, at Equifax we know you want to work with companies that go the extra mile. Above all, we know you want to work with partners that deliver on their promises.

To do this, we have three pillars that inform and differentiate our work and enable you to bring life to a world beyond yes and no for your customers. 


The first pillar is a deep understanding of our clients to meet their data needs. 

Understanding our clients is paramount to enabling them to help their own customers achieve their financial goals. As data stewards, we recognize that our role goes beyond just data, it’s also about how that data informs your decisions ─ which insights, analysis, and innovative new ways of thinking best serve your needs, as well as those of consumers.


The second pillar is the sheer granularity of our data. 

Transactions are processed lightning fast in milliseconds via the cloud-enabled Equifax Data Fabric for secure, real-time access to information critical to credit decisioning. By accessing more data points and employing advanced keying and linking, search matching has been increased by 50 basis points, meaning 5 million more Canadian credit applications will receive a consumer's credit file.


The third pillar is our ability to help provide consumers with fast and efficient experiences when applying for credit.

Equifax is leveraging an enhanced ability to convert streaming data into actionable insights for our clients, so that they can provide Canadian consumers greater access to the products and services they need, all in accordance with strict governance and security standards.

What are the results of these three pillars? By helping financial institutions, companies, employers, and government agencies, our understanding of available data brings real worth to the credit sector. In 2021, Equifax data helped more than 900,000 people in Canada purchase their first homes. Most importantly, the quality of the data decisions has never been at such a high level. To date, Equifax has processed more than nine million transactions to enable the delivery of free Equifax credit scores. 


Together, these three pillars give us a greater insight into your business to help you get closer to your customers. We’re creating a world beyond yes and no, one with far more detail, nuance, and reliability.

Contact us to learn more about how you can create a world beyond yes and no for your customers.


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