How to Leverage Market Intelligence to Inform Your Mortgage Portfolio Strategy

In a highly competitive mortgage market, lenders need to be proactive in their approach to targeting mortgage borrowers ahead of their renewal deadlines.

Staying up-to-date on the rapidly changing credit landscape can help improve good credit risk strategies and decisions. Below are three ways you can leverage market insights to improve your mortgage portfolio strategy.

1. Make Strong Mortgage Portfolio Decisions


Mortgage activity is driven by home sales and renewals. According to a recent Equifax Canada Quarterly Consumer Credit Trends report, average new mortgage amounts fell by 38.5 per cent from Q4 2021 across Canada in the last quarter of 2022. 

With  Canadian mortgage marketplace insights, you can strengthen your acquisition, retention, and delinquency decisions. As a lender, it is important to understand Canadian mortgage trends, what other financial institutions are doing, as well as your customers’ financial position and their capacity to take on a new mortgage. Monitoring changes made by your market-sharing peers, relative to current market trends, can help you confidently set your portfolio strategy.

2. Adjust Product Strategies


Almost 50 per cent of new mortgage volume comes from refinancing and renewals, underlining the importance of customer retention. In Q4 2022, new mortgage originations fell by 38.5 per cent compared to 2021. Lenders who maintain a competitive rate could be more successful in retaining price-sensitive customers, as most upcoming mortgage renewals for consumers are at a much higher rate. Having insight into current mortgage and economic trends can help to inform product strategies and internal processes so that they meet customers’ needs.

3. Compete with Industry Peers


Historically, low interest rates have been the primary driver of mortgage growth in Canada. However, rising interest rates and the sharp acceleration of home prices have meant that monthly payments have risen significantly.

As interest rates rise, consumers renewing or refinancing their mortgage may face affordability issues. This may prompt them to search for alternatives, and you will lose lower-risk customers who may qualify for competitive offers. Competing with your peers by using recent portfolio trend insights can help steer your mortgage portfolio strategy so that you can stand out as a lender, retain good customers, and maintain a strong portfolio.


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