How You Can Create a World Beyond Yes and No For Your Clients

Today’s business world has become hypercompetitive. The ease with which customers can compare and buy rival products means it’s much simpler to switch to a competitor. Most worryingly, the adage holds true: bad news travels fast. People are far quicker to talk about a negative experience with a brand than a positive one. 


What’s the secret to keeping customers? 

There are two. The first is, of course, having outstanding and ever-evolving products. The second is providing a phenomenal customer experience. These two lessons are perennial, but the importance of creating a stellar customer experience has taken greater prominence in recent years. There is no reason great customer experience shouldn’t be easier ─ and better ─ than it has been in the past. Given the vast array of customer touchpoints, and the data available to us, we should know our customers far better than ever before. 


Why isn't the customer experience better? 

Some data and analytics providers take a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and as a result, their insights are limited. At Equifax, we think differently. Firstly, we bring products and services to market that span the entire customer lifecycle. We’re as interested in the 25-year-old wanting to buy their first car as we are in the 75-year-old enjoying their well-earned retirement. 

Secondly, the sheer wealth of information we can analyze is unparalleled. The data we work with is maintained, verified, and updated using innovative and robust security. Thirdly, we have expertise across the full range of customer credit experiences ─ from acquisition to insolvency. We can configure our data precisely and intelligently to provide the deepest insights and most tailored view of your client.


What does this mean? 

While others may think in terms of yes and no, Equifax offers a balanced and nuanced approach to helping you provide what your customers truly want. And if business is about recognizing and serving the customer’s needs, then we’re holding true to our word of helping you get closer to your customers and creating a world far beyond yes and no.


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