Business Failure Risk Score

Make informed lending decisions with details on your potential clients

Product Overview

You don’t want to lend to a company that is going to go out of business before they pay you back.  With a Business Failure Risk Score (BFRS2) from Equifax, you get the predictive power you need to make informed choices.

BFRS2 is a risk-scoring model that can predict the likelihood of a company ceasing business sin the next 12 months. By collating commercial demographic data, credit and payment information, and company legal records, our risk score gives you insight to help you make your next lending decision.

With the knowledge of a Business Failure Risk Score, you can:

  • Optimize your strategies by lending to the right companies
  • Automate the new account approval process
  • Process each application in a consistent, impartial manner
  • Understand the business risk of any lending decision


Our scoring tool easily integrates with existing account acquisition and management systems. That means you’ll be able to get to know your customers and predict success quickly. 

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