Canadian Income Predictor
Visibility to a customer's current financial capacity is crucial to offering the right product to the right person at the right time.

Product Overview

You know your customers’ credit history. It’s a vital part of the lending process. But combine that knowledge with an accurate prediction of their current financial standing and the door opens to even greater profit potential.

Canadian Income Predictor (CIP) uses our own extensive national consumer credit database, along with Statistics Canada income data to provide you with a score that indicates whether a consumer is likely to have sufficient income to handle additional financial responsibilities.

Using CIP in addition to other marketing segmentation or risk predictor tools will make selecting the right customer for virtually any lending product or service easier and less expensive. Both sides of the transaction will benefit from custom, suitable offers, leading to long-lasting and engaged customer relationships.

With that kind of in-depth knowledge you can:

  • Increase ROI – Maximize your return through the acquisition of new clients who can take advantage of your offers.
  • Grow portfolios – Additional information added to your portfolios can assist in both risk assessment and marketing segmentation initiatives.
  • Improve communication

Send your existing customers relevant offers that are tailored to their financial potential.

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