Valuable insights come from a deep understanding of your most compelling business needs. Our professional team of analysts, systems specialists and consultants — senior experts in industry, fraud, analytics and technology — strive to understand your markets, your industries, your goals and your desired results to help you derive the greatest value from our data-driven insights.

Lee Schumacher<br><span class= Principal Consultant icon">
Lee Schumacher
Principal Consultant
“Understanding how clients are unique and differentiate themselves within the market is important to me. ”
Lee Schumacher is a member of Equifax’s Data & Analytics team focused on delivering effective strategies through technology and analytical solutions. He has worked across multiple industries including auto finance, credit unions and banks as well as emerging fintech. This experience is what provides a solid foundation for Lee to understand client goals and provide them with the optimal solutions.

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Kathy Catsiliras<br><span class= AVP - Analytical Consulting, Data & Analytics icon">
Kathy Catsiliras
AVP - Analytical Consulting, Data & Analytics
“My primary focus is to ensure team members have the correct approach, resources and tools to provide impactful analytical insights that address customer needs.”
Kathy Catsiliras is the Data & Analytics AVP for Analytical Consulting at Equifax Canada and has been with the organization for over 10 years. She leads a national team of Analytic Consultants that provide data and analytics expertise across both Consumer and Commercial business lines. Her passion as a leader stems from providing guidance, the right attitude and perseverance to achieve results.

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Mackenzie Rozga<br><span class=Analytics Insight Consultant icon">
Mackenzie Rozga
Analytics Insight Consultant
“My clients' success is my top priority. I want to understand their objectives so that I can deliver strategies that will drive their business to success.”
Mackenzie has more than 10 years of sales and consulting experience working at organizations such as Dell, American Express and ADP. Her diverse experience has given her the ability to apply fresh perspectives to her clients' challenges.

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Unnat Shah<br><span class=Analytics Consultant icon">
Unnat Shah
Analytics Consultant
“Let’s create a customer journey using products and solutions that provide valuable information to the end-user.”
As part of the Data & Analytics team at Equifax Canada., Unnat focuses on understanding client challenges and monitors products and services in targeted retail and financial domains. Unnat is passionate about helping his clients realize value through data, process and system improvements.

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Khawaja Abdullah Saeed<br><span class=Analytics Consultant icon">
Khawaja Abdullah Saeed
Analytics Consultant
“I want to ensure clients have a legendary experience by identifying opportunities and creating value. A satisfied customer is the best measure of success.”
Khawaja’s prior experience in banking and consulting enables him to identify the client’s immediate concerns and address them efficiently. As a data and analytics consultant at Equifax he converts raw data into meaningful business decisions.

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Tracy Allardyce<br><span class=Analytics Consultant icon">
Tracy Allardyce
Analytics Consultant
Tracy Allardyce has more than 10 years of sales and consulting experience working at organizations such as ADP, Dun & Bradstreet and Nasdaq. Currently, Tracy is a Data & Analytics Consultant supporting the credit union, collections/debt recovery and utilities verticals at Equifax Canada

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Aveek Morshed<br><span class= Analytics Consultant icon">
Aveek Morshed
Analytics Consultant
“Helping organizations achieve business goals through data analytics and technology enablement is what I am dedicated to.”
Aveek Morshed is a strategic, and innovative consultant with 13+ years of experience in data analytics, strategy and technology, transformation and enablement. At Equifax Aveek is currently working in the consumer/commercial credit risk management and data analytics team; supporting customers from various financial institution, government and insurance verticals.

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Jean-Philippe Saumure<br><span class=Analytics Consultant icon">
Jean-Philippe Saumure
Analytics Consultant
Jean-Philippe Saumure has over 10 years of experience working with data and analytics in a variety of industries. His ability to tell a story through data has helped large companies in the retail, banking, insurance and government verticals. Since joining Equifax in 2018, he has worked on projects such as: lost sales analysis, the implementation of new credit scores at financial institutions, building new credit adjudication strategies in automotive finance and the implementation of ongoing customer lifecycle strategies.

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Joe Wansbrough<br><span class=Principal Consultant icon">
Joe Wansbrough
Principal Consultant
“I see myself as an extension of your business, with a forward-thinking attitude that will go beyond the search for new growth prospects. I am passionate about the way consumers interact with the financial services industry. I want to ensure their experience aligns with their expectations.”
Joe Wansbrough is a Principal Consultant in Equifax’s Data & Analytics, and leads a team of consultants across the Auto, Government and Financial Services verticals. With over 20 years of experience, Joe has expertise reside in credit risk, marketing and data management.

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Kevin Chong <br> <span class=Analytics Consultant icon">
Kevin Chong
Analytics Consultant
“My goal is to earn the right to become my clients’ trusted advisor.”
Kevin Chong brings over 10 years of experience in the retail banking and credit card industry. Prior to joining Equifax, he was responsible for analytic initiatives including modeling, strategy development and deployment within the entire credit card lifecycle.

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Ohmar Landagan <br><span class=Technology Consultant icon">
Ohmar Landagan
Technology Consultant
“Listening to my clients is important to me. Understanding the client’s current and future state is critical in identifying the right solution to address their business needs.”
Ohmar Landagan is a subject matter expert in decisioning platforms for Equifax Canada. He has helped clients increase their customer base, manage risk, and grow revenues by automating and enhancing the decisioning process.

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Samantha Morris<br> <span class=Data & Analytics Consultant icon">
Samantha Morris
Data & Analytics Consultant
Samantha Morris has over 15 years of experience in analytics and leadership in a variety of industries. Samantha is passionate about the power of data and technology to improve the quality of Canadian life. At Equifax, Samantha’s focus is on the Federal Government with a particularly how Equifax’s rich data set can help guide policy and research to minimize the impact of the financial hardship on the quality of life.

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Derek Smith <br><span class=Senior Analytics Insight Consultant, Financial Institutions & Fintechs icon">
Derek Smith
Senior Analytics Insight Consultant, Financial Institutions & Fintechs
“My focus is helping clients define optimum scores, processes and strategies for their businesses to better address challenges.”
Derek Smith brings 18 years of experience in financial services including roles in Risk, Operations, Retail and Commercial lending. Derek joins Equifax from consulting for AVS systems, TransUnion, MiiCard and Lending Loop where he led the development of KYC Compliance databases and scorecards for SME business.

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Keenan King<br><span class=Consultant, Fraud Technology icon">
Keenan King
Consultant, Fraud Technology
“Innovation and adaptability are paramount in staying one step ahead of fraud.”
Since 2007, Keenan King has gained significant fraud experience in the areas of investigations, detection strategy, analytics, transaction monitoring and client management in both debit and credit spaces.At Equifax, Keenan works with clients across multiple verticals, focusing on rule strategy, optimization and overall fraud performance. He supports the sales and pre-sales teams with expertise in fraud solutions, training, onboarding and ongoing client support.

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Shoaib Quraishi<br><span class=Functional Consultant, Fraud icon">
Shoaib Quraishi
Functional Consultant, Fraud
Shoaib Quraishi has an extensive fraud and risk background. Over the past 12 years,he has led an AML and Fraud investigations team for a Fintech start-up where he was responsible for establishing a fraud strategy for the Canadian portfolio. At Equifax, Shoaib assists new existing customrs with their fraud strategy across multiple lines of business as well as provides end user training and systems support.

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Ken Hanley<br> <span class=Director, Customer Success, Fraud & Identity Solutions icon">
Ken Hanley
Director, Customer Success, Fraud & Identity Solutions
“My priority is to help our clients with their business challenges by providing consulting advice, professional services and ongoing support that will allow them to optimize their fraud prevention, compliance and identity solutions.” Ken is Director, Customer Success, Fraud and Identity Solutions at Equifax Canada. He oversees the national team of functional consultants and fraud investigators.

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Charis Mok<br><span class= Functional Consultant, Fraud icon">
Charis Mok
Functional Consultant, Fraud
“I strive to provide meaningful insights using data and analytics to arm our clients with up-to-date information and the necessary tools to combat different types of fraud. “
Charis Mok is a well-rounded fraud management professional with extensive experience in the financial services industry. Charis has a credit background which allows her to be well versed in credit adjudication processes, policies and best practices. As a leader in the operations world, Charis has led multiple fraud projects and initiatives with clients to identify the root cause for fraud losses and operational inefficiencies. She oversaw multiple channels at atop financial institutions to ensure all products and services offered met AML regulatory requirements.

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Tiberius Forrester<br><span class=Sr. Consultant, Fraud and Digital Identity icon">
Tiberius Forrester
Sr. Consultant, Fraud and Digital Identity
“I enjoy discovering custom solutions for unforeseen challenges.”
At Equifax, Tiberius uses his expertise to help clients navigate in an ever-changing fraud landscape and digital economy.

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Brian Baynit<br><span class=Functional Consultant, Fraud icon">
Brian Baynit
Functional Consultant, Fraud
“I am passionate about mitigating fraud risk and optimizing fraud strategies across multiple industries."
Over the past 12 years, Brian has immersed himself in the fraud industry to further his skills and knowledge. Brian has managed fraud teams, for Debit and Credit portfolios at large financial institutions. He is currently responsible for supporting new and existing clients leverage Equifax’s fraud application solutions.

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Lisa Morgan<br> <span class=Consultant, Fraud Technology and Customer Insights icon">
Lisa Morgan
Consultant, Fraud Technology and Customer Insights
Lisa has more than 10 years of experience working within the fraud mitigation space and is passionate about reducing fraud related losses. Lisa supports proactive strategies to ensure her clients are prepared for risks that their organizations may encounter.

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Sophia Rodopoulos<br><span class=Consultant, Fraud & Digital Identity icon">
Sophia Rodopoulos
Consultant, Fraud & Digital Identity
Sophia is currently a Fraud Consultant supporting Equifax Canada’s Fraud & Identity Management solutions. She has worked within the Financial Services industry for over 20 years managing various areas within Fraud & Risk providing strategic & tactical solutions across a number of business units and channels.

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Hussein Ezzat<br><span class=Consultant, Fraud Prevention and Identity Management Equifax Canada icon">
Hussein Ezzat
Consultant, Fraud Prevention and Identity Management Equifax Canada
"Customer centricity is my top priority.”
Hussein Ezzat uses his 14 year-experience in Credit Lending and Fraud Risk Management to support Equifax clients in achieving their goals as well as help establish best-in-class fraud prevention practices.

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Diane Stewart<br> <span class=Functional Consultant, Fraud icon">
Diane Stewart
Functional Consultant, Fraud
“With my IT experience, I am able to bridge the gap between the technical and business teams to support the customer’s implementation from beginning to end.”
With more than 25 years at Equifax as both a QA analyst and a Business Consultant in IT, Diane Stewart has acquired an extensive knowledge of Equifax’s fraud products which allows her to formulate integration and support of fraud strategies. Diane has also been a key member of the Citadel team since2008.

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Priyanka Parakarama <br><span class=Sr. Consultant, Fraud and Digital Identity icon">
Priyanka Parakarama
Sr. Consultant, Fraud and Digital Identity
“Equifax believes in approaching their customers with the intent to help them navigate the ever-changing market ”
With more than 15 years of experience working with customers in the Financial, Auto, Commercial and Insurance sectors, Priyanka Parakarama consults and works collaboratively with her clients to identify areas of growth and gaps. She has a proven track record in understanding a client’s business and system processes and driving them to be operating as optimally as possible.

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Rick Benevides <br><span class=Sr. Consultant, Fraud and Digital Identity icon">
Rick Benevides
Sr. Consultant, Fraud and Digital Identity
Rick Benevides is a versatile fraud management professional with extensive experience in financial fraud mitigation. Rick combines a degree in criminology and law with experience managing fraud in a number of industries to provide his clients with superior results. As a subject matter expert, Rick influences client policies and procedures to ensure an elegant, nimble, and effective approach to fraud management. Rick is accustomed to working very closely with clients to identify opportunities for improvement and efficiency from an operational standpoint. Rick has most recently specialized in the auto lending industry and understands the need to improve fraud protection while prioritizing the consumer experience.

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Francisco Leonelli<br> <span class=Functional Consultant, Fraud icon">
Francisco Leonelli
Functional Consultant, Fraud
With more than 20 years of experience in the prevention, detection and investigation of banking fraud and compliance with major Canadian banks, Francisco shares his expertise to enable clients to combine needs and opportunities, regardless of the contextual complexity. His achievements as a Specialist, Investigator, Analyst, Advisor and Manager allow him to fully understand the operational reality of his clients and to precisely identify their needs by defining all the variables involved to identify the most adequate solutions for fraud prevention and identity management.
Tony Del Zoppo<br> <span class=Commercial Insight Consultant icon">
Tony Del Zoppo
Commercial Insight Consultant
“Understanding the customer’s current state, including internal processes and key drivers, is vital. I always strive to provide the customer with value and a return on their investment, whether it is a means to decrease costs, increase efficiency, or sales volume I’m dedicated to supporting that goal.”
Tony Del Zoppo has 25 years’ experience in B2B credit and risk. As a Commercial Insight Consultant Tony has been responsible for providing value-added B2B solutions to the federal and provincial governments, financial institutions, regional Insurance companies, telcos and private institutions.

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Jeff Brown<br><span class=Vertical Market Leader, Small and Medium Business Strategy & Innovation icon">
Jeff Brown
Vertical Market Leader, Small and Medium Business Strategy & Innovation
"Small-and-Medium Businesses (SMB) form the lifeblood of the local, provincial, and Canadian economy. Their credit challenges are as unique as the industries they operate in. I’m passionate about educating businesses on credit strategies, as it truly is a dynamic environment.”
Jeff Brown has been a driving force for commercial and small business credit at Equifax Canada since January 2016, where he leads innovation and strategy to help transform how credit is understood and leveraged within the Canadian marketplace. His results are driven by partner engagement, technology, and innovation designed to empower Canada’s small businesses.

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Wilton Wong<span class=
Vertical Market Leader, Automotive & Insurance, Strategy and Innovation
Wilton Wong
Vertical Market Leader, Automotive & Insurance, Strategy and Innovation
"My primary focus is to listen and understand my customer; this is key in unlocking opportunities that will create value within their organizations.”
With 17+ years in the financial services industry and experience working across Canada, the US and Europe, Wilton has held progressive leadership roles within Automotive Finance, Core Banking, Private Wealth Management, Asset Management and Discount Brokerages. In his current Strategy and Innovation role at Equifax, Wilton is responsible for defining the direction and growth drivers for Equifax auto and insurance verticals within Canada.

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Megan McIver<br> <span class=Head of Government Strategy and Innovation icon">
Megan McIver
Head of Government Strategy and Innovation
“Digital applications are transforming governments. Together with civil servants, we are adapting to a new culture, creating solutions, increasing public engagement and improving government services.”
Since joining Equifax Canada in 2018, Megan has been working closely with governments across Canada on digital transformation strategies, focused on digital identification and authentication. She brings 13 years of public and private sector experience to help serve her clients.

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