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With a history of fostering great relationships, we’re equipped to help your credit union focus on what matters most - its members. Access our custom-built solutions so you can get to know your customers and in turn, grow your credit union strategically and with purpose.  


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With access to the most comprehensive consumer data in Canada, our consultants have designed a best-in-class modeling tool to help you understand your credit union members and identify where your services can fit into their lives.

Our Share of Wallet credit model gives you a clear view of your members’ credit activity. The model identifies what types of credit cards members use most and use least, and lets you see their ‘first card’.

This valuable insight allows you to strategically identify ways to get your products to the top of your members’ wallets and precision-target your marketing to successfully meet members’ needs.

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Equifax offers a flexible account management solution that monitors changes in your members' credit files. It captures activities that occur outside their regular interactions with your business. This insight allows you to take proactive steps to identify risk or opportunity in your existing member base.

Triggers is an automated system that alerts you to changes within your members' credit portfolios. An alert is triggered by events, such as a new inquiry, allowing you to monitor the daily activities of your member base. The flexibility of Triggers solution allows Equifax to tailor the information requested to suit your specific business needs. 

Use your new insight to explore options with your members and extend your "perfect offer at the perfect time".

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Really knowing your credit union members means going beyond a one-time credit check. Equifax’s Offline Score Append reviews your existing accounts and enhances them with updated data to give you the full picture of your members’ needs. Not only can you see any changes to basic credit scores, but you also get new Equifax-specific ones too, like our Bankruptcy Navigator Index and Credit Risk Predictor. With this kind of in-depth insight, you can confidently offer the right member the right product at the right time.


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Our credit application decisioning tool, iDecision is an efficient, user-friendly way of helping you choose the right new members.

Our dynamic online tool combines Equifax risk scores with elements input by your employees to help you tailor decisioning criteria according to your credit union's needs. iDecision’s real-time applicant evaluation also assists in reducing costs by providing fast, consistent, risk-based applicant decisions.


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Our leading-edge fraud management tools are designed to help you verifiy member identity,  mitigate potential fraud risk, and help you comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation. Our tools include:

  • Citadel – using flexible data matching rules, Citadel identifies potentially high risk customer activities at the point of application
  • eIDverifier – cross checks applicant data against a range of sources to validate their identity. This tool also determines whether an applicant’s identity has been reported as misused or if it has been associated with past fraudulent activity.
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Equifax offers an extensive range of credit risk reports, consumer risk predictors, and other credit risk assessment tools - all designed to ensure that your credit union can manage credit risk accurately, promptly, and consistently.

From assessing the likelihood of a consumer filing for bankruptcy with our Bankruptcy Navigator Index, to predicting whether an applicant could become 90 days delinquent (or worse) with our Equifax Risk Score, our credit risk assessment tools help give you the intelligence you need to manage your credit union successfully.

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