We make great partners

Equifax’s long-standing relationship with credit unions has equipped us to help you focus on your members to better understand their needs. Equifax has the strength in data and analytics to help you foster organic growth. Our shared goal to provide quality and reliability is what makes us a winning team. Equifax Canada has been helping Canadian businesses grow their operations, increase profitability and reduce costs since 1919. Our suite of information solutions is built on a distinguished tradition of providing data quality, management, integrity, and security through advanced technologies.

Here are a couple of examples of how Equifax helps credit unions think boldly and grow strategically

Data Analytics – A credit union’s success depends highly on maintaining healthy, mutually beneficial relationships with its members. You need to know why and how your members use your services so that you understand why they don’t use you in other areas of financial need. Equifax’s team of consultants combine modeling with comprehensive consumer information database in the industry to create solutions that help you better understand your members and where you can fit into their lives.

Customer Monitoring – Equifax offers a flexible account management solution that monitors changes in your members’ credit files. It also captures activities that occur outside their regular interactions with your business. This insight allows you to take proactive steps to identify risk or opportunity in your existing member base.