Equifax Credit Behaviour Segmentation

Target your next direct mail campaign with customer segmentation

Product Overview

If your advertising campaigns aren’t geared precisely towards the right customers, you could consider those marketing dollars lost. Equifax Credit Behaviour Segmentation (ECBS) is a customer profiling tool that helps you target your customer segmentation mail efforts.  

ECBS consists of 16 clusters or profiles based on credit data attributes. Postal codes are assigned to the appropriate cluster allowing businesses to profile their customers by postal code. With in-depth customer profiles, you can separate your customers into profiles and tailor your marketing campaigns for maximum effect.

Using Equifax Credit Behaviour Segmentation you can:

  • Increase response rates by connecting the right customers with the right offers
  • Save time and money by eliminating those shot-in-the-dark marketing campaigns
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your client base and their needs

ECBS gives you the information advantage to help you meet the challenges of today’s competitive marketing environment.

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