Equifax Marketing Data Services

Transform your marketing strategy into a revenue powerhouse with our suite of commercial credit data services

Product Overview

Our commercial Marketing Data Services offers you an exceptional insight into an ever-changing industry. With current commercial data, you have the tools to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

  • Match Your Strategy to Market Trends – with expert knowledge of both your industry and your customer’s needs, you can keep your marketing activities current while maximizing your ROI
  • Reach the Right Customers – define your ideal customer profile so you can recognize, attract, and work with top-tier prospects. Knowing your ideal customer means that you can target your marketing efforts with more precision and more success
  • Define Your Market Share – know where you stand in the market by comparing your customer count against others in the industry to determine opportunities for growth
  • Get Comprehensive Industry Coverage – keep on top of industry trends in Canada with fresh, current data coverage from our comprehensive business, marketing and credit databases


One of the keys to successful marketing is access to quality data. With our Marketing Data Services, you get access to some of the best commercial data in the business.

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