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Small businesses are an important contributor to the growth of the Canadian economy and lenders play an important role. Reputational risk, operational risk and financial risk are real concerns for Canadian business owners and all need to be handled with care. Access our variety of insight-packed resources to help your business stay ahead and quickly adapt, including webinars, credit trends reports, and more.

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Equifax Canada experts discuss the latest quarterly small business trends and insights for Canadian lenders and business owners

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The Small Business Recovery
How lenders can help small businesses now, and post-pandemic
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Small Business Month Survey 2022
Debt, Delinquencies, and Insolvencies on the Rise
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Helping Small Businesses Grow

Equifax has a long history of helping small and medium-sized businesses manage their financial and operational risk, while also providing best practices and solutions for maintaining a positive reputation. A healthy business credit profile is important for the reputation and future growth of a business. Regularly checking their business credit report enables your clients to know what lenders, service providers and potential partners are learning about their business. Let us help improve your business credit portfolio and make it easier to help small businesses grow.