Make every decision count with our automated customer assessment tool

Product Overview

There’s a high cost to running any business. iDecision, our automatic customer assessment tool, can help you save both time and money when it comes to deciding when to lend credit.

With iDecision, you can say goodbye to a lengthy and expensive manual credit decision process, and hello to a quick, consistent and unbiased automatic assessment of risk.

iDecision automates the customer assessment process by searching available data on your applicants, including fraud alerts and available risk scores. And then, based on criteria set according to your company’s needs, you get a data-based ‘yes’ or ‘no’ recommendation.

  • A quick customer decision means you avoid losing potential clients who decide to take their business elsewhere
  • Avoid poor lending choices with iDecision’s consistent customer selection criteria
  • Reduce the cost of debt collection by consistently choosing reliable customers
  • iDecision is dynamic and flexible so you can customize selection rules that matter to your bottom line
  • iDecision is a web-based tool and doesn’t require your IT resources to set up


With iDecision, now there's an easier and faster way to make the right decision every time. 



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