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It's a well-known fact that bad debt can be crippling to your business and to our economy as a whole. With today's heightened focus on managing expenses, you need to efficiently find debtors and collect from those most likely to pay. Equifax can help you prioritize your collection activities and locate debtors, which can ultimately help you improve your recovery rates and reduce write-offs.

Small to mid-sized businesses have a limited amount of time and resources to chase elusive customers for payment on overdue accounts. Equifax offers easy-to-use debt collection tools that enable you to take advantage of relevant changes in a debtor's credit file to help you collect more payments on overdue accounts.

Determining consumers' capacity to pay and ensuring your compliance with industry legislations are as vital to your collections goals as having accurate contact information. Equifax has the data and tools you need to develop and execute cost-effective collections strategies that meet regulatory requirements.

Equifax Collections Solutions can help you not only locate debtors, but efficiently manage your entire collections portfolio. Whether your business operates in financial services, communications, utilities, retail, mortgage, automotive or any other sectors, Equifax has what it takes to help you reduce bad debt.

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