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As an insurer, you may be able to leverage Equifax consumer information in connection with the underwriting of insurance. Equifax consumer data has shown a direct correlation between lower credit scores and those individuals who submit claims, in particular, fraudulent claims. Without leveraging credit information to determine insurance premiums for customers, you may be missing out on an opportunity to reduce your company's exposure to risk and to be more profitable, while at the same time helping your customers save money. That's a win-win for your organization and customers alike!

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Consumer Credit File
Make more informed decisions with predictive consumer insight
Contact solutions provide the latest available contact information for your client database
Deceased ID
Expedite the audit and validation process by identifying your pension plan members who may be deceased
Accurately verify an applicant's identity on time and in real time
Make every decision count with our automated customer assessment tool
A single cloud-native PaaS (Platform as a Service) that can help accelerate your digital journey to more informed credit decisions and risk management
An early-warning system to help you combat credit application fraud
Decision Solutions Consulting Group
Equifax Marketing Solutions Suite
Precision target your marketing and ensure consumer loyalty with meaningful, in-depth insights