Keying and Linking

Connect your data to get a single view of your target customer

Product Overview

Raw data is messy; it can be incomplete, and it comes in all file sizes and formats. Keying and Linking connects it all together.

Equifax® Keying and Linking can help provide a source of truth throughout an enterprise to increase speed to insight. Keying and Linking can securely and anonymously link people, places and things throughout data ecosystems without exposing sensitive data. 

Once matched, Keying and Linking capitalizes on millions of variations of data, linguistics patterns and sophisticated algorithms to assign a unique entity identifier. This identifier gives you a single anonymous view of your target audience.

  • Securely link disparate data across multiple platforms and formats.
  • Free up valuable resources by sourcing data wrangling and preparation functions externally.
  • Streamline your data preparation.