Product Overview

Payment Dimensions can help deepen customer loyalty and increase your wallet share and profitability. The Precision Insights that come from this targeted, customizable solution can help you maximize your customer relationships while increasing customer satisfaction.

Payment Dimensions can help you understand the specific credit behaviours of both your transactors and revolvers to help you identify your most profitable customers to deliver the right product offers at the right time.

Get insight into who may switch before it happens. Learn who values loyalty programs and rewards products. Drive your marketing program efficiencies.

Payment Dimensions:

  • 600 precise, insightful attributes: 10 essential data sets x 5 historical points in time x 4 revolving credit segments x 3 ways to compare your data to other companies. 
  • Inform your marketing campaigns and improve customer satisfaction 
  • Benchmark your data against all other credit issuing companies
  • Look at a trended picture over historical points in time

Payment Dimensions provides targeted Precision Insights around the payment behaviour of consumers that you’ve never had before.