Profile Express

Make quick and confident credit lending choices based on real time credit performance insights
The report you need to make crucial decisions quickly and with confidence
The food industry has unique dynamics — like shorter payment terms — that come into play when considering a business’s credit performance. So making confident risk decisions for new or ongoing suppliers requires a specialized credit report.
How Profile Express can help you make the right credit lending choices
Profile Express gathers information from various sources, including industry groups, collection agencies, and corporate registries. With such comprehensive detail, Profile Express gives you the resources to help you make essential credit decisions quickly.

Efficient decision making
Better manage your time by improving the speed and accuracy of your risk decisions through criteria filters.
Informed credit strategies
Source and qualify new suppliers or determine the financial viability of others.
Effective risk management
Understand business potential and risk by assessing the risk of extending credit to a new customer.
Competitive overview
Obtain your own company’s credit profile and view the type of information your lenders will see.
What Sets Us Apart
With the Profile Express report, you’ll gain insight and a holistic view of a business’s viability.
  • A unique collection of accounts built by the food industry and bolstered by Equifax data.
  • Essential information with graphs, highlights, and navigation tools
  • Criteria filters to help confirm and validate businesses
  • Reports which include business information, scores, trended view of payments, Credit Index and Payment Index