Verify a credit card number to its owner to approve online sales quicker

Product Overview

When purchasing online, customers demand the process be secure and quick. For businesses, balancing the two can be a challenge. Our QuickMatch® identity verifier gives you the best of both worlds so you can approve online sales with confidence.

QuickMatch verifies customer information against our vast consumer credit database. Not only can this powerful tool tell if a credit card is being used by its rightful owner, but it also verifies customer-provided personal data for an accurate ID check.

QuickMatch goes to work right at the point of sale. That means transactions can be automatically approved on the spot, reducing the risk of customers taking their business elsewhere due to delays in verification processing.  

  • Improve customer experience with on-the-spot transactions
  • Reduce fraud related recovery efforts and charge-back fees
  • Eliminate the need for manual verification to save time and money

With QuickMatch you get the security you need, and your customers get the fast online experience they expect. 

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