Identify Fraud Quickly

The Equifax fraud solution portfolio provides your organization with an integrated suite of real-time, industry-leading defenses against fraud. The portfolio consists of enterprise fraud management solutions that work in real time to help minimize losses from various types of fraud. Equifax augments our solutions with unique data assets, predictive analytics and fraud consulting services.

Fraud Prevention Solutions include:            

  • QuickMatch – A tool that verifies key identification data against the data contained in Equifax’s consumer credit database to help determine if a credit card is being presented by its rightful owner
  • Safescan – An interactive warning system that detects potential fraud by spotting irregularities, as well as confirmed misuse in names, addresses, SINs, and telephone numbers
  • Citadel – A real-time and web-based, Equifax-hosted enterprise fraud management solution that helps to identify high-risk or potentially fraudulent activities before they negatively impact your business.


Professional Services & Analytics include:

  • Data Breach Response Services – Our professional services are employed after an organization experiences a data breach.
  • Custom Analytics - Our deep expertise in predictive modelling and comprehensive fraud data sources, Equifax offers custom analytical services to address your specific business challenges.
  • Fraud Consulting Services - Our in-house fraud consultants have a customer-centric approach to understanding strategies, pain points and business objectives. 
Featured Products and Solutions
A fraud prevention platform to help you manage risk and avoid losses
Business Confirm
Get real-time access to company background information, credit risk details, and more
Corporate Data Breach Assistance
Help protect your reputation by acting quickly
Deceased ID
Expedite the audit and validation process by identifying your pension plan members who may be deceased
Decision Solutions Consulting Group
Give your business an extra level of security with accurate, real-time customer ID verification
Fraud Prevention
Safeguard your business from the damaging effects of fraud with our multi-layered prevention solutions
Verify a credit card number to its owner to approve online sales quicker
An early-warning system to help you combat credit application fraud