Score Statistical
A risk management score suite that evaluates dormant portfolios and improves debt recovery

Product Overview

Developed alongside SCORE Statistical Consulting, and backed by Equifax’s comprehensive credit behavior database, Produce 360 predicts the likelihood of an account that has gone more than 360 days dormant to make a payment within the next 90 days.

With a Produce 360 debt score, you can reduce the costs of debt collection and increase the probability of recovery by treating delinquent customers based on their individual circumstances.

With a clear estimate of the likelihood of any individual customer making a credit repayment, you can:

  • Develop strategies to recover debt effectively 
  • Group score ranges together to develop appropriate outsourcing or agency assignment strategies
  • Strategically evaluate when to sell dormant portfolios to third parties


Equifax’s data management capabilities, and SCORE Statistical Consulting’s expertise enable you to manage customer lifecycles with greater precision and profitability.

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