Verify Identity

The Equifax identity solution portfolio provides your organization with an integrated suite of real-time, industry-leading defenses against fraud. The portfolio consists of identity screening, verification and authentication tools that work in real time to minimize losses from various types of fraud. Equifax augments our solutions with unique data assets, predictive analytics and fraud consulting services. Identity Management Solutions include:

  • eIDcompare – Compares and analyzes applicant information against Equifax’s industry leading data sources. The output is an identity assessment recommendation supported by warning indicators and reason codes
  • eIDverifier – Authentication using ‘shared secret’ information that should only be known by Equifax and the consumer to help confirm the person is who they say they are.
  • Digital ID Verification Solutions – backed by the combined strengths of SecureKey Technologies and Equifax you can help drive more revenue through online channels while mitigating the risk of fraud. Complete KYC, easy pre-qualification, and fast ID validation are three unique opportunities that your business can leverage today.
  • Business Confirm – A business identification service used to help you validate the existence of a corporation and, if available, provides information as to its status, the entity type, registration/incorporation date and the names of company directors
  • Deceased ID –  Helps to expedite the audit and validation process by identifying your existing clients or pension plan members who may be deceased