Grow Intelligently

Securely growing your customer base can be a complex, resource-intensive process that crosses core marketing and risk management operations. Equifax can help streamline and strengthen your customer acquisition programs while protecting your profits from unseen risk by offering a one-stop source of integrated technology, fresh business and consumer data, specialized credit scores and predictive insights.

The power behind our solutions—and your acquisition programs—is the superior quality of our data. As a trusted market leader and innovator, Equifax offers robust depth, breadth and coverage of differentiated data from a multitude of proprietary sources.

This means, you get the most current, relevant and comprehensive insight on more prospects and customers in more locations throughout Canada. You also get more complete and useful prospecting and customer information including full names, addresses and locations, along with rigorously maintained data that is continuously reviewed to further enhance quality. Throughout your acquisition process—from prospect identification and qualification through origination and beyond—you'll get a deeper understanding of prospects and customers.

What's more, we can help put profits in your pockets faster by offering the advanced technology and online platforms you need to integrate expanded insights and automate workflows across the customer lifecycle for more confident and profitable customer decisions.