Auto Target Marketing

Help reach the right audience with your marketing campaigns


Identifying and targeting your best prospects is the goal for any marketing campaign. Part of Equifax Ignite Marketplace, Auto Target Marketing integrates Equifax and Dealer track data in insightful infographics, not spreadsheets, to help enhance your intelligence on targeting households by reaching the right consumers, maximizing response rates and reducing your cost per acquisition.

Auto Target Marketing can help you segment by:

  • Postal Code: Number of consumers with financed vehicles, auto penetration rates, etc.
  • Neighbourhood Credit Segments: Super Prime/Prime/Non-prime segments, purchase likelihood
  • Loan Segments: Monthly payment ranges, percentage paid, time until loan is paid
  • Vehicle attributes: Year, Make, Model, Condition, etc.

Derive actionable insights, fine-tune your marketing funnel, and drive your business forward with Auto Target Marketing.