Automotive Services

Equifax helps empower businesses in the automotive market to make more informed and efficient business decisions by leveraging powerful innovation to deliver unrivaled consumer insights. We equip automotive lenders, dealers and partners with comprehensive consumer credit information, augmented by additional demographic and information sources, ensuring they acquire and retain the customers who will drive business forward.

Position yourself to be able to capture new opportunities, mitigate risk and turn differentiated insights into a competitive advantage. Learn how our solutions help you navigate your business more profitably across the customer lifecycle.

Equifax provides innovative solutions for your particular automotive needs: 

  • Acquisition – Be informed about new opportunities using up-to-date, verified and detailed information about the automotive market, consumers and the vehicles they seek. Increase the speed of your business with information that helps you make faster, more profitable and compliant lending solutions

  • Account Management – Maximize customer value with intelligence that identifies opportunities to create or expand relationships

  • Collections – Prioritize opportunities for recovery