Identify fraud before it negatively impacts your business

Product Overview

Early and effective fraud detection is key to mitigating fraud losses. Citadel, our web-based fraud management tool, helps to identify high-risk or potentially fraudulent activities before they impact your business.

Leveraging shared, multi-sector fraud data and advanced analytics, Citadel quickly adapts to and keeps on top of changing fraud trends.

With Citadel, you can:

  • Integrate fraud detection measures into the credit decisioning process with real-time processing speeds
  • Streamline your business processes using our centralized fraud data management tool
  • Customize fraud detection rules with ease using the user-friendly interface and drag & drop functionality
  • Update fraud strategies immediately in order to adapt to changing fraud trends
  • Use Citadel’s powerful cross-referencing ability helps detect organized fraud rings using linkage analysis tools
  • Rely on our dedicated client support team to provide implementation support and ongoing consulting services
  • Evaluate your fraud strategy effectiveness with Citadel’s detailed rule performance reporting capability

Detect and stamp out fraud before it has the chance to impact your business with Citadel.

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