Corporate Data Breach Assistance

Help protect your reputation by acting quickly

Product Overview

Data breaches are on the rise and occur in a number of ways; from lost or stolen hardware, to employees accessing or disclosing personal information, to the most deliberate: hacking.

Corporate Data Breach Assistance empowers you to respond to a data breach in a timely in order to minimize the impact to your business, brand, and your customers.

With Corporate Data Breach Assistance, you can:

  • Confirm the identities of your impacted customers and/or employees based on our over 23 million credit profile records
  •  Choose to have Equifax notify your affected customers on your behalf to explain that a breach that has occurred and the steps your company is taking to protect them.
  • Provide your customers with 12 months of daily credit monitoring through one of the Equifax’s Complete™ solution suites
  • Alert creditors to a data breach incident by putting a Credit File Alert Flag on each affected customer’s credit file if you feel ongoing credit monitoring is not necessary for your situation
  • Equifax can provide call centre support to help your customers understand how to sign up for and use their free 12-month Equifax Complete™ credit monitoring program

A data breach is a serious business risk. If one occurs, you can respond confidently and quickly with Corporate Data Breach Assistance.

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