Data Attribute Service (DAS)

Enhance your analytics engine with powerful individual customer attributes, improved data modeling, and sharper prediction tools

Product Overview

Adding Equifax’s Data Attribute Service to your data modeling processes can help expand your view of your customer, enhancing your ability to profile individual file details. Maximize your decisioning, marketing and portfolio management with the addition of DAS.

Key benefits

  • ​​​​​​​Automated calculations: DAS reduces the need for manual attribute calculations, allowing your marketing and risk managers to focus their time on strategy creation.
  • Consistent decisions: Each consumer can be summarized in a single line of DAS attributes, making it easy to apply decision rules or use the attributes to create a score.
  • Improved segmentation: With a clearer view of your customers’ financial activity, they can be segmented more accurately based on behaviour

Make data-driven credit-risk decisions faster and with greater accuracy

Adding Equifax Data Attributes Service to your in-house account information gives you a clearer view of your customers to help inform your risk and account management strategies. Equifax’s Data Attribute Service delivers over 1000 individual credit attributes, significantly improving the holistic view of a customer’s credit lifecycle.



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