Deposit Account Insights

Digital solutions for the credit invisible​​​​​​​


Improving access to credit for all Canadians helps everyone. Consent-driven choice, like that enabled by our Deposit Account Insights™ solution, empowers the consumer and helps give new-to-credit populations like immigrants, young people and small business start-ups greater control over the information used to make credit risk decisions.

Deposit Account Insights help to address the problem you face when you have to decline a customer who has a thin or no-hit file. Until the rules applying Open Banking and bank APIs are formalized and in force, Deposit Account Insights may be the best opportunity to help give your business a leading advantage.

With Deposit Account Insights you can be one of the first financial institutions to provide better customer experience in a unique way.

Enable a strategic advantage

According to Statistics Canada there are 300,000 new people immigrating to Canada every year. There are 400,000 people turning 18 every year. Both are lucrative markets that continue to be underserved.

Strengthen your acquisition strategies

This innovative solution is designed to help you grow your business while managing risk in high value market segments like new-to-Canada and new-to-credit.

Help develop customers for the long term

When you improve customer experience by making it easier for people to gain access to credit in order to live better lives it will help you develop a customer with a long term value.