Equifax Link

Identify business owners to uncover revenue opportunities right in your own customer base

Product Overview

Many of your current customers may also own small businesses. Without knowing who’s who, you could be missing out on potential profit boosting opportunities. Equifax Link can help you identify business owners and tailor services directly to their needs.

Equifax Link uncovers which of your customers are also business owners or principles by connecting data from our small business databases and consumer files. With a more holistic customer overview, you can:

  • Expand Your Customer Base and Increase Revenue – In-depth insight helps you effectively cross-sell and up-sell within your customer base.
  • Spot Financial Risk Faster – Clearly understand key relationships, associations and potential issues based on relevant linked data from multiple, unconnected sources such as your commercial and consumer portfolios.
  • Boost Campaign Response Rates – Better segment your customers for more effective marketing.
  • Improve Customer Service – Leverage a single, consolidated view of customers to offer personalized, better-informed support.
  • Deepen Customer Relationships – By understanding the current and future needs of customers you can proactively offer them appropriate solutions and services.

Take advantage of our small business and consumer knowledge to uncover hidden revenue opportunities within your own portfolio.



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