Industry Credit Group

Share, collaborate and network with industry peers as part of an Equifax Industry Credit Group

Product Overview

Joining an Equifax Industry Credit Group offers you the opportunity to collaborate and share credit and risk information with others in your industry – not to mention allowing you to make valuable new contacts.

Credit groups have operated for over 100 years. Equifax though, has perfected them. We directly organize, facilitate and support each of our credit groups, and our Equifax Industry Group Coordinators use their expertise and resources to help all groups operate to maximum efficiency.

As a member of an Equifax Industry Credit Group, you’ll be able to:

  • better understand and evaluate customer risk profiles.
  • make stronger, better informed credit decisions.
  • minimize collection issues through shared knowledge.
  • protect the long-term financial viability of your business.

Join an Equifax Industry Credit Group and discover the smarter way to manage financial risk.

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