A single cloud-native PaaS (Platform as a Service) that can help accelerate your digital journey to more informed credit decisions and risk management
Product Overview
Looking for a PaaS solution to managing your multiple databases, separate platforms or outdated legacy systems that are preventing you from advancing your digital capabilities? Is your profitability being impacted by slow internal technology changes? Are you under-resourced and need a ready solution that is set up and maintained by a proven industry platform provider and cybersecurity leader? Do you want to reduce the total cost of ownership for your technology solutions?
InterConnect ® can help fast forward your business to cloud-native solutions
Cloud computing makes acquiring, storing, retrieving and sharing information fast and easy. InterConnect is API-driven, always on and real time. Plus InterConnect can perform credit decision, risk assessment, fraud check, and ID verification processes simultaneously to support the multiple demands of your business.

As your business changes, your InterConnect platform capabilities can adapt to meet your changing needs, with speed and agility. You can scale up or down, connect new data sources and add custom scores and models when you need to. And you can use InterConnect to bridge your in-flight technology projects, giving you added flexibility and ensuring minimal disruption to your business. InterConnect is responsive and dynamic so you can keep pace with evolving technology using a single platform.

Cloud-native platforms offer the highest levels of performance and availability*. InterConnect is hosted on Google Cloud and is constantly maintained and updated to deliver — or exceed — these standards of excellence which can eliminate maintenance or development work and costs from your IT projects.

Security is one of the main reasons that businesses move to cloud-native solutions. InterConnect is continuously updated with advanced security protocols — and is rigorously maintained — to help protect users from evolving cyber threats so you know you have the best security standards at all times. InterConnect was designed with regulatory frameworks and requirements in mind so you don’t have to constantly monitor and update your systems. Security is on us and we take it seriously. Read more on our #1 Security ranking.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
Cloud platforms can help you to eliminate costs such as technology or architecture upgrades, troubleshooting and ongoing system maintenance, reducing your total cost of ownership.

InterConnect may also reduce resource expenses including developers, cybersecurity talent and dedicated system tech teams.

Consolidating solutions on InterConnect also allows multiple users across business units to collaborate on one platform, lowering the cost per user or function.

Ease of Use
  • Web portal or API access Simple, seamless user interface
  • Ability to configure your custom processes, models and data sets
  • Direct access to all your Equifax scores, reports, data and solutions
  • Self-serve developer portal with fast onboarding
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