Payment Dimensions Plus

Trended data for Precision Insights™

Product Overview

Equifax Payment Dimensions Plus™ goes beyond the traditional snapshot approach to credit scores to provide a new perspective. Using the power of trended data analytics, Payment Dimensions Plus provides a more granular picture of a consumer’s credit behaviour over a historical period of time, from three months up to 24 months. With this data, you can easily see if they are transactors who pay their credit card accounts in full or make large payments each month; or revolvers who pay only the minimum amount due. More importantly, you can also see if they are trending up or trending down in payments and balances, the frequency of payments and spending, and their approach to managing credit over time.

The result? Precision Insights™ that tell a story about a consumer’s credit behaviour which you can use to predict future credit and spend behaviour. This predictive capacity opens new doors when it comes to evaluating risk or marketing credit products to current and potential customers.

How this helps you:

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Become more precise in your lending decisions
  • Minimize portfolio risk
  • Build loyalty and retention
  • Gain insight into your “share of wallet” with customers