Portfolio Insights

Get a competitive edge with an in-depth look at where you stand in the Canadian credit market.

Product Overview

Put your performance in clear view with visuals that show how your organization measures up against the competition.
Portfolio Insights is part of Equifax Ignite™ Marketplace, a collection of pre-built, configurable data visualization applications that present large volumes of data in insightful infographics, rather than spreadsheets. Knowing where you stand in the industry means you can assess the health of your portfolio and guide your business strategies with informed, fact-based decisions. And with the intuitive, easy-to-use interface of Portfolio Insights, it’s easier than ever to see and understand your industry performance in clear and compelling ways with full-colour charts and graphs.

This powerful benchmarking tool can be used by everyone in your organization – from executives to data analysts.

Portfolio Insights can help:

  • Measure your performance against a set of defined competitive peers for Account Volumes, Balances, Limits, Utilization & Delinquency measures.
  • Visualize and understand the above data by Risk Bands, Provinces, Products and Consumer Age 


Get the insights that matter to you with Portfolio Insights.



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