Business Need

Process Credit Applications

Understand who you are doing business with — before you do business with them

Acquisition Decisions

We engineered our application processing and decisioning tools specifically for optimum screening efficiency, while allowing for quick adoption of new strategies in the ever-changing marketplace.

Equifax offers a highly scalable, flexible and robust decisioning and application processing system to automate account acquisition and cross-selling process. Our application processing and decisioning tools provide access to a broad set of Equifax and external data assets, integrates with your own data, and uses it with application data for attribute calculation, business rules and work flow management. You can use standard features or customize it to fit your business objectives. 

Featured Products and Solutions
FraudIQ Manager™
FraudIQ Manager™ is a comprehensive fraud prevention platform, combining advanced analytics and consortium based fraud protection into one powerful solution.
Bankruptcy Navigator Index 4.0
Stay ahead of bankruptcy risk with our most predictive score ever
Business Failure Risk Score
Make informed lending decisions with details on your potential clients
Commercial Delinquency Score
Helps predict the likelihood of a company paying their bills
Consumer Credit File
Make more informed decisions with predictive consumer insight
Accurately verify an applicant's identity on time and in real time
Business Credit Report
Get the hard facts and make the right credit lending choices with our credit report
Make every decision count with our automated customer assessment tool
A single cloud-native PaaS (Platform as a Service) that can help accelerate your digital journey to more informed credit decisions and risk management