An early-warning system to help you combat credit application fraud

Product Overview

SafeScan® gives you the power to detect credit application fraud quickly and effectively.

An automated screening tool backed by Canada’s most comprehensive consumer credit database, SafeScan’s interactive warning system detects potentially fraudulent credit applications by spotting irregularities, as well as confirmed misuse of names, addresses, SINs, and telephone numbers.

With SafeScan you can:

  • Get up-to-date information from the SafeScan database. It is enriched with confirmed fraud applications reported by credit grantors, plus more than one million consumer interviews annually
  • Utilize independent address and postal code searches to identify cases where a potential fraud perpetrator may have altered the mailing address
  • Monitor address inquiry activity in the Equifax consumer credit database to flag unusual activity. This feature, unique to SafeScan, profiles any address with four or more inquiries showing a different name and/or SIN.

When we're advised that a consumer’s identity has been misused, we’ll notify all inquiring credit grantors, modify the consumer’s file, marks the fraudulent file to alert future inquiring credit grantors, and add information to the SafeScan database.

Get the early-warning protection only SafeScan can provide.



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