Score Complete

Assess the risk of all applicants, including new-to-credit customers

Product Overview

You are probably already using a risk score to assess the likelihood that consumers are going to make regular payments on the debts that they owe.  But what do you do when these consumers don’t have a traditional credit score?

Score Complete is a traditional financially-based risk score on the population that has financial credit data, and uses neighbourhood street level data, historic credit inquiries and Telco trades in order to provide a risk assessment for all other applications.

Your company can replace your existing credit score with Score Complete to score all applications or augment your strategies only on the cases where your traditional score fails, opening up a whole new market of previously-unscorable consumers who are new to credit.

  • Make informed and consistent decisions for all applicants.
  • Foster loyalty by offering customers their first credit card.
  • Increase applicant approval rates while controlling risk levels.

Don’t overlook an opportunity again. With Score Complete you can assess the risk of taking on new-to-credit customers to make informed choices. 



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