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There are many aspects to running a small business. No doubt you have your hands full just keeping up with all the day-to-day operational tasks, not to mention thinking of new ways to grow your business. With so many things to think about, you may not be thinking enough about risk management. Reputational risk, operational risk and financial risk are real concerns and can all be damaging to your business if not handled with care.

We know you'd rather spend your time focusing on your passion—the reason you opened your business in the first place. At Equifax, we have a long history of helping companies of all sizes successfully manage their financial and operational risk, while also providing best practices and solutions for maintaining a positive reputation.

It's also important for your business reputation and future growth to maintain a healthy business credit profile. Regularly checking your business credit report enables you to know what lenders, service providers and potential partners are learning about your business. You can then take steps to improve your business credit, if needed, and make it easier to get the financing or credit terms you need for strong business growth.

Equifax offers several products to help you manage your business and assess risk associated with your business customers, suppliers and partners.

Featured Products and Solutions
Bank Report
Make confident and informed commercial decisions with an in-depth credit report
Business Confirm
Get real-time access to company background information, credit risk details, and more
Business Credit Report
Get the hard facts and make the right credit lending choices with our credit report
Business Failure Risk Score
Make informed lending decisions with details on your potential clients
Commercial Delinquency Score
Helps predict the likelihood of a company paying their bills
Equifax Marketing Data Services
Transform your marketing strategy into a revenue powerhouse with our suite of commercial credit data services
Full Investigative Report
Our investigative team can help you get a more complete picture of a company’s financial standing
Make every decision count with our automated customer assessment tool
Kount Identity Verification™
Kount Identity Verification™ is an end-to-end authentication solution that helps to verify the identity of your customers to create a faster, more secure business environment. Authenticate customers. Help accelerate conversions. Drive more revenue.