Triggers - Collection

Increase your revenue recovery activities by aligning resources with the most collectible consumers

Product Overview

Time is of the essence when collecting on debt.  Triggers Collection* helps you identify credit file changes that indicate a greater propensity to collect outstanding debt without triggering a negative impact on the consumer’s credit score. This allows you to proactively execute your debt recovery strategies by taking appropriate collections action to maximize your recoveries.

An alert can be triggered by events such as:

  • Installment loan paid off
  • Total balance change
  • Employment change
  • Address change
  • New telephone number


You select the events and the time period that best suit your strategic goals and respond to  “actionable” accounts defined by you.

Triggers Collection can help provide the right intelligence to assist in locating hard-to-find debtors and to increase revenue recovery initiatives with practical debt repayment strategies.


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