How to Dispute Information on Your Credit Report

Learn more about the process of filing a dispute over incomplete, inaccurate, or fraudulent information on your credit report. 3:26

There is information on my credit report that I believe is incorrect. What can I do about it?

Sometimes referred to as “filing a dispute,” there are important things to know about disputing information on your credit report. By law, you are allowed to dispute inaccurate information on your credit report, and there is no fee for filing a dispute. You may submit your dispute to the business that provided the information to the credit reporting agency and/or to the credit reporting agency that included the information on your credit report.

How does the dispute process work?

If you submit a dispute to a nationwide credit reporting agency, it may make changes to your credit report based on the documents and information you provided. Otherwise, the credit reporting agency will contact the business reporting the disputed information, supply them with all relevant information and any documents you provide with your dispute, instruct them to investigate your dispute, and:

  • Review all information you provided about your dispute;
  • Verify the accuracy of the information they are reporting to the credit reporting agency;
  • Provide the credit reporting agency with a response to your dispute, including any changes to the information reported;
  • Update their records and systems as necessary; and
  • The credit reporting agency will then notify you of the results of the investigation.

If you submit a dispute with a business, they will conduct an investigation and will send you the results of the investigation directly. They will notify the credit reporting agency of any changes that need to be made to the information as a result of the investigation.

How do I submit my dispute?

You have two options to submit your dispute documents. You can receive the form by email, complete it electronically and email all of your documentation to us. Or, you can print and mail in your completed dispute form and include copies of the required documents.  

Start your dispute

Please note that you will need to contact TransUnion Canada directly to correct errors found on your TransUnion credit file.

Should I include documents when I submit my dispute?

You may also submit documents in support of your dispute. It’s important to understand that documents will not be returned to you following the investigation. Therefore, when mailing documents, please only submit copies of documents and not originals.

To submit a dispute with a business, you will need to contact the business directly. The contact information for that business should be included on your credit report or monthly billing statement.

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada’s website provides additional information on disputing information on your credit report.

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