What is the difference between Equifax Consumer Services LLC ("ECS") and Equifax Canada Co. ("ECC")?

ECS and ECC are separate Equifax companies that operate in different physical locations and provide different products and services.  

ECS is located in the United States and it obtains information from ECC to create and deliver credit monitoring products directly to Canadian consumers for a fee.  The credit monitoring products offered by ECS can help you monitor your Equifax credit report and also help you protect your identity.  

ECC is located in Canada and is a registered Canadian credit reporting agency that is regulated by federal and provincial authorities that govern privacy and credit reporting legislation.  This means that ECC maintains a database of credit information provided by credit grantors and other sources so that a credit report and related products (e.g. credit scores) can be compiled and delivered to the recipients that you have provided consent to and/or who are authorized by law to receive them. ECS is one of these authorized recipients when you purchase a product from them.  In order to deliver your product to you, ECS securely collects and stores your credit report and/or an Equifax credit score from ECC.   

ECC does not offer any credit monitoring products to consumers.  However, as a Canadian consumer, you can receive a free Equifax credit report and Equifax credit score from ECC by visiting one of our consumer centres in person during operating hours, by submitting a request for delivery by mail, or online

In our role as a registered credit reporting agency, ECC serves as a consumer advocate, promoter of financial literacy and steward of credit information.  To learn more about ECC's privacy practices, please review our Privacy Policy.