How is information in my credit report used?

The information in your credit report may be used by members of Equifax Canada who have permissible purpose and have your consent or are otherwise authorized by law to access your credit report. Under current law, permissible purpose includes things like applying for a mortgage, loan, credit card or other form of credit, applying for a job or applying to rent an apartment. 

Equifax members (lenders and creditors) may use credit reports as part of their decision-making process to decide whether to extend you credit - and at what terms. Your credit report may also be used by other companies, such as rental or insurance companies, in helping them make risk decisions. For these reasons, it's important to check your credit reports regularly to ensure the information in them is accurate and complete. 

Your Equifax Canada credit report is also used to offer and provide you with Equifax Global Consumer Solutions products and services. For information about how your Equifax credit report is collected, used and disclosed, please review the Privacy Policy