COVID + Credit: Canadian Resource Centre

The Covid pandemic has upended the way we work, go to school, socialize, and manage our financial lives. Learn how decisions you make and actions you take can impact your credit standing.

What Is a Consumer Statement and Should I Have One?

A consumer statement may be an effective tool to explaining financial challenges on your credit report. Learn more about consumer statements and whether you should add one to your credit report here.

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COVID + Credit: How to Spot a Deferred Payment on Your Credit Report

In response to COVID-19, you may have been approved for a deferred payment arrangement with your lenders. To learn how to spot these on your credit report, read more here.

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COVID + Credit: Your Credit Questions Answered

COVID-19 has had several effects on Canadians' finances and jobs. Learn more about its potential impacts on your credit scores and credit reports.

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COVID + Credit: Deferred Payments and Your Credit Report

How to navigate deferred payments and your credit report during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

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What Factors Impact My Credit Scores?

When it comes to financial progress and credit, it's important to understand the actions that may influence your credit scores.

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