Identity Theft Education

Learn what you can do to better protect your information, and what you should be considering when it comes to identity theft.

Shopping Online? Help Keep Your Identity and Financial Information Safe

It can help you avoid crowds and traffic, but shopping online can also put you at risk of identity theft or fraud. Here are some suggestions to help you browse more safely.

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4 Things to Do if Your Credit or Debit Card is Lost

If you can't find your credit or debit card, you may be worried about the possibility of fraudulent charges. Here are four steps you can take right away.

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How Can I Place a Fraud Alert on My Equifax Credit Report?

There are two types of fraud and identity theft alerts you can proactively - or reactively - place on your Equifax credit report.

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Helping Protect Seniors From Fraud and Identity Theft

Fraud is the top crime against older Canadians. Make sure the seniors in your life are aware of fraud and identity theft risks and steps they can take to help protect themselves.

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Survey: What Steps Do You Take to Help Protect Your Personal Information?

Canadians are taking some steps to help protect their personal information, but aren't adopting other habits, an Equifax survey finds -- despite the fact that threats of identity theft and fraud are on the rise.

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What Is Identity Theft?

Learn more about identity theft and how identity thieves can use your personal information for financial gain.

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How Does Identity Theft Happen?

Identity thieves have gotten more sophisticated in their methods. Check out this list of ways identity theft may occur.

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How Can I Help Protect Myself from Identity Theft?

Learn about steps you should consider taking to better protect your personal information.

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5 Traveling Habits that Can Put You at Risk of Identity Theft

No matter where you're traveling, certain habits can put you at risk of identity theft. Here are 5 habits to break.

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