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Whether you're saving up for a car, home, or college, learn how your credit can help you achieve your financial dreams.

Teaching Children About Credit and Savings

You can begin teaching kids about credit and savings at an early age. As they get older, it may help them avoid some common credit mistakes that occur in early adulthood.

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Myths vs. Facts: Marriage and Credit

Getting married means merging your lives – and may also mean merging your finances. But there are some misconceptions about tying the knot and how it may impact credit reports and credit scores – or not. 

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Establishing Credit When You Don't Have Credit History

It’s a situation many young adults face when they’re just starting out – how to establish credit when you don’t have a credit history.

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Helping Protect Seniors From Fraud and Identity Theft

Fraud is the top crime against older Canadians. Make sure the seniors in your life are aware of fraud and identity theft risks and steps they can take to help protect themselves.

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Divorce, Debt and Credit

How could divorcing impact your credit reports and credit scores? Here are some things to keep in mind.

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Managing Credit Accounts and Finances for a Loved One

As people age, they may find themselves needing help managing finances and credit accounts. Here are some steps you may want to consider if you are helping assume responsibility for a parent or loved one's finances.

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Credit Steps to Take After a Relative's Death

The death of a loved one is often very difficult and credit concerns aren’t usually top of mind. However, it’s important to know how to notify credit bureaus and close credit accounts if necessary.

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Getting Married? 5 Things You Need To Know About Credit Before Tying The Knot

Getting engaged is an exciting and wonderful time. While you’re planning your wedding, it’s also a good time to start planning your future together. Understanding how credit scores and reports work can help you make big financial decisions.
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Getting a Credit Card: 4 Things for Young Adults to Know

Considering whether to get your first credit card? Here are 4 things for young adults to keep in mind before they start applying.

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How to Build Credit in Canada

Whether you’re a young adult, a recent immigrant, or just new to credit, building your credit history in Canada is an essential first step to help you achieve some of your financial goals.

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How Can Student Loans Affect Your Credit?

Learn how student loans might affect your credit and what you can do to handle them responsibly.

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Is now the right time to buy your first home?

Are you thinking about buying your first home? Ask yourself these questions to help you figure out if it’s the right time for you.

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Can an Identity Thief Steal Your Home?

Identity theft can be very expensive and home title fraud is an increasing threat to homeowners. Find out how you can help you protect yourself from fraudsters.
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Learn how you can help protect your child’s identity while they’re away at school

Being away at college or university is full of firsts, but you don’t want one of those to be identity theft. Learn how to help protect your child’s identity while they’re away at school.

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Should you sign up for that credit card on campus?

Getting a credit card as a post-secondary student may be easier than at any other time of your life. But a credit card can only help you build a positive credit history if you use it responsibly. Learn more.

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